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Dracula's Ball Sept. 2nd with kHz and ThouShaltNot

The next Dracula's Ball event is THIS Saturday, September 2nd, from 9pm-2am Monday, August 28th is the last day to order tickets from -- after that, tickets will be available from Digital Ferret CDs and Ticketmaster. Admission will also be available at the door. As always, all ages are welcome at the Dracula's Ball. You must be 21+ w/ proper, valid photo ID to drink alcohol.

The venue will once again be Shampoo Nightclub, located at 7th & Willow Streets in Philadelphia. The musical performers are kHZ and ThouShalt Not. Details...

kHz: Think of brass knuckles concealed in a velvet glove, and you're in the right ballpark. From the photo, you might expect kHz's frontwoman to be given to breathily sighed vocals, but you'd be mistaken. This band has a heavy mix of metal and industrial elements with a dash of gothic flavor, and they rock pretty hard. Be sure to check out some of the killer videos on their MySpace site, although they all tend to load at once, so you've got to pause a few of them and watch one at a time. This is kHz's first appearance at the Ball. STAGE TIME - 10:35PM

THOUSHALTNOT: ThouShaltNot's moody and kinetic music stands apart from comparison across postpunk, electronic, and goth genres. The three-piece band is at once desperately raw and epicly refined, experimental and infectious both in concert and on their four albums. In other words, they mix it up, and they do it very well. ThouShaltNot's latest album, Land Dispute was just released at the beginning of the summer and is very much worth checking out STAGE TIME - 12:05AM

DJs Tom Gold and Mark Paradise (from Florida) will be handling one room as a tag team. DJ D'vork joins us all the way from Puerto Rico. As always, there will be vendors (some old, some new), door prizes, candy, people to meet, and plenty to look at. Tickets are $14 in advance and $16 at the door.

All the info can be found at
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