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I still have no idea how it works.

The effects from it very alot.

Those with parshal sight despit wht I thought wouls happen sem to be afected by i or unaffected randomly.

Lack of sleep seems to have little effect on the effect of the image.

Very few of those inthe synusthesea(I will never be able to spel that) communaty feel ill and have given soem incredable descriptions of the effects.

Those with dyslexia and other such things seem to not be as afected or not aected.

I tink it may be something to do with how certain peoles brains are wired. and thanks to teh descripton of the buzzing sound that goes along with it inte synusthesea(i dont know why i bother trying to spell things sometimes) communatyi can understnd why itmakes somepeole feelil.

Cross posted in _dyslexia_, dyscalculia, ld_adults, synaesthesis, true_insomniacs, liexstillxlove, blindpeople(incase someoe can see it a litle) and my own journal.
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